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JA 109 SPRING, 2018 Kengo Kuma: a LAB for materials

JA 109 SPRING, 2018 Kengo Kuma: a LAB for materials

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84プロジェクト・200頁強にわたる「a LAB for materials」の研究成果を展観してみてください。

JA 109 is a special feature of architect Kengo Kuma.
Bamboo, tree, paper, earth, stone, tile / tile, glass, resin, metal, membrane · fiber · · · · possibility of materials that Kengo Kuma has always been exploring. I regard architecture as an effort to continue without regarding it as a single work, repeatedly reflecting and challenging, it has led to the next step. In this book, I will tell you the details through tree diagrams showing genealogies of substance challenge, through record of production and construction process, photos and drawings.
84 Project · Exhibit the research results of 'a LAB for materials' over 200 pages.


JA – the Japan Architect – was first published in June 1956 and was the only English language periodical that introduced Japanese architecture to an overseas audience. Since 1991 it has been published as a quarterly journal in both Japanese and English, expanding its readership both inside and outside of Japan. Today's JA showcases contemporary Japanese architecture with in-depth commentary on the theoretical history and context of the projects. It is organized with an emphasis on developments originating in Japan. The magazine surveys the country's diverse, ever-changing architectural scene, identifies important trends to convey to a wider audience outside Japan, takes up current, compelling issues and considers the latest architectural trends.

About Shinkenchiku-sha
Since 1925, Shinkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd has been Japan’s leading architectural publisher. The company’s periodicals include: Shinkenchiku (New Architecture), Jutakutokushu (Special Housing), and JA (the Japan Architect). With its sister company, A+U Publishing Co., Ltd., the company is expanding to offer its diverse contents to a broad network of architects and designers across the globe.

006 Return to Materials - Kengo Kuma
010 Tree Diagram 
012 BACKSTORY: Some notes on Kengo Kuma’s project to re-enchant Contemporary Architecture through Material Research - Jeffrey Kipnis
016 Particlized: The New Arts and Sciences of Particles - Mario Carpo
020 Connecting Beings And Things: Reflections On Kengo Kuma’s Architecture - Richard Scoffier

024 [bamboo]
026 Great (Bamboo) Wall
028 Pacific Flora 2004 Main Gate
029 Hamada Shoyu
030 Garden Terrace Miyazaki
031 Shizuku by Chef Naoko
032 Ginzan Onsen Fujiya
034 Bamboo / Fiber
036 Nangchang-Nangchang
038 Sensing Spaces

040 [wood]
042 Nakagawa-machi Bato Hiroshige Museum of Art
044 Cidori
046 GC Prostho Museum Research Center
050 Starbucks Coffee at Dazaifutenmangu Omotesando
052 Sunny Hills Japan
054 Yure
056 Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum
060 Kyushu Geibunkan Museum (Annex 2)
062 Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
063 KOMOREBI / Château La Coste
064 Nagaoka City Hall Aore
060 Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building
070 Camper Monte Napoleone
071 Whitestone Gallery Taipei
072 EPFL ArtLab
076 Mont-Blanc Base Camp
078 Japan House São Paulo
080 Neowa Dome
081 KODAMA (Arte Sella Pavilion)
082 Coeda House
086 Comico Art Museum Yufuin
088 The Darling Exchange

090 [paper]
092 Takayanagi Community Center
094 Paper Snake
096 Paper Brick
098 Paper Cocoon
102 Seigaiha
104 Archives Antoni Clavé

106 [earth]
108 Adobe Repository for Buddha Statue
110 Mesh / Earth
111 Mushizuka (Mound for Insects)
112 Novartis Shanghai Campus Multifunction Building
113 Museum of Indigenous Knowledge
114 Portland Japanese Garden Cultural Village

118 [stone]
120 Stone Museum
121 Lotus House
122 Chokkura Plaza
124 Stone Card Castle
126 Jeju Ball
130 V&A Dundee
134 [fire tile / glass / resin]
136 Waketokuyama
137 Kure City Ondo Civic Center
138 Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud
140 Xinjin Zhi Museum
142 China Academy of Art's Folk Art Museum
146 Shipyard 1862
150 Tiffany Ginza
152 FRAC Marseille
156 Yakisugi Collection
158 Oribe Tea House
160 Water Branch House
162 Tetchan
163 Bubble Wrap
164 Beijing Tea House
166 Sogokagu Design Lab

168 [metal]
170 KXK
171 Polygonium
172 Green Cast
174 Darius Milhaud Conservatory of Music
176 Wuxi Vanke
177 Le Nuage d'Aluminium
178 Hongkou SOHO
182 Beijing Qianmen
184 Yangcheng Lake Tourist Transportation Center
186 [membrane / fiber]
188 Fukuzaki Hanging Garden
190 Tee Haus
191 Floating Tea House
192 Casa Umbrella
193 Air Brick
194 Memu Meadows
198 Shang Xia Shanghai
200 Komatsu Seiren Fabric Laboratory fa-bo
204 New Shinagawa Station
206 Profile
208 Credit 
209 Winning Entries of the Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition 2017
216 Announcement: The Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition 2018

頁       數:218
尺       寸:297*226 mm(Portrait)
語       言:English、Japanese